Content Consulting

 LED Sign Consulting
Verge is all about spectacular content and award winning animation. Spectacular content makes for a spectacular display. Verge is not associated with any specific LED sign manufacturer so we can assist you regardless of who made or installed your display. We will work with you directly to help you achieve the best looking content your display is capable of.

If you have questions about content you've come to right place. Pretty pictures on you display aren't always enough. Consideration should also be given to the display hardware, software, viewing distance, viewing angles, traffic speed, city code, and more to be most effective. We have experience with all these issues at hand and will help you understand how to keep your content working for you and your brand.

There are numerous LED sign suppliers, distributers, and manufacturers. Some are good and others are not. Do your homework before making such a large investment. By not being affiliated with any LED sign manufacturers you can count on Verge for unbiased expert advice. The LED sign manufacturer is in the business of making and selling signs. Unfortunately content is almost always an afterthought.