Content is King

LED Sign Content
Your sign can only look as good as the content it displays.  The content on your sign determines how good your display looks and how effective your message is. In today's busy outdoor advertising environment viewers are bombarded with more and more ads fighting for their attention. Effective engaging content is key to standing out in today's cluttered outdoor environment. Even if your sign cost millions of dollars and employs the latest and greatest technology, if the content is poor and ineffective, so is the sign. In short, your sign is only worth the content it displays.

Take a look at the following example. The two LED signs below are the same model and from the same manufacturer. The sign on the left however is larger and cost significantly more than the sign on the right. Sign A also consumes more power per month due to the larger size and the content. Displaying solid backgrounds requires more LEDs to light up and therefore consumes more energy. Sign A depicts typical sign owner generated content. Sign B displays professional LED sign content from Verge.