Stuart Moser

President / Designer & Producer

Founder of Verge Digital Media, digital artist Stuart Moser is the creative force behind Verge. Since 1996 Stuart has produced content for so many out of home digital displays that chances are, you've already seen his work. Early in his career Stuart travelled the globe training professionals and production crews at major stadiums and arenas how to get the most out of their large screen video displays. With a degree in Fine Art and the hands on technical knowhow, Stuart has a unique skill set that is unparalleled in the industry.

Verge Digital Media continues to provide cutting edge creative services for today's most innovative LED digital signage. At Verge, no sign is too big or too small. Whether it be content production for Times Square or a local car dealer in small town USA, our quality and creativity is unparalleled.

 Verge Digital Media is the fusion of art and technology.